Want to get in the ZONE – Put your game face on

Actually, it is more about putting your game “brain” on to get a clear brain-body connection and stay in the zone.  Ask yourself three questions: 1) Do you let your positive and negative thoughts intrude at critical moments? 2) Do you have a positive visualization or affirmation you use to help switch the brain into the “zone”? 3) Do you know how to stop the “fight or flight” reflex that comes out at crucial times?

If you answered these questions with a NO then you need a training strategy. Whether it is at work, at school, or an athletic event, to be at your best you need the brain to be at optimal arousal.  This includes an optimal balance of right hemisphere relative to left hemishpere, the various brain wave frequencies to be balanced and a personalized optimal breathing rate.

The link below will take you to Dr. Gordon who provides a good overview of what you can do to determine what your zone is, how to develop a zone culture, and how to stay in the zone.   It all comes down to train the brain.