Leigh Richardson, Prime Women Magazine: “Living Alone Doesn’t Mean Living Lonely.”

More and more older women are living alone, whether due to divorce, widowhood, or by choice. While many may think this is a lonely affair, it’s actually proving a positive experience for many women.

“While there are drawbacks to living alone, such as financial strain and the need to make more effort socially, a positive finding from this data shows that older women who live alone are more likely than men to say they spend more time on their hobbies,” Leigh Richardson writes in Prime Women Magazine. “Fully 65% of women who live alone say they spend more time on their hobbies and interests as they age, compared with 49% of men.”

It’s turning out to be a valuable time of self-reflection, solitude, and healthy personal meditating and spending time on hobbies — something most women find scarce in their lives, as they sacrifice so much for family and work. It’s independence; it’s freedom.

“The independence, in the form of freedom to stock the fridge with what you want, wear what you want (even if that means wearing nothing), and manage your schedule around yourself provides a newfound flexibility we as women are not accustomed to,” Leigh writes. “Our lives are spent scheduling doctors appointments and making sure the people we love get to them, losing sleep or sacrificing a shower to get the lunches ready, or get homework done. When circumstances call for living alone, there are those benefits.”

So, if you’re an older woman living alone, try to focus on the many positives to the independence. If you’re struggling in being alone, there are ways to help yourself find joy in these moments.

To find out how you can both embrace and balance the challenges and perks of living alone, read the full article here.