Leigh Richardson: One Third of Students Say They Were Bullied Last School Year

A new survey says that as much as a third of high school students were bullied last school year. Leigh Richardson recently discussed this phenomenon and what parents can do about it.

Some people say that confronting or fighting your bully is the answer.

That might work for some people but I think the real question is what about the kid who’s doing the bullying or what about the kid who’s being bullied and then goes on to bully others. That’s what we really need to address.

How much of bullying behavior is in the hands of parents?

A lot of it is actually, when kids don’t know how to play with other kids it’s up to the parents to intervene and explain to their children what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. The most important thing is that if bullying is happening to your child that you talk with them and work with them to find solutions.

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