Mental Agility for the Olympics

Summer is officially here and what better time to be thinking about brain performance than the eve of the 2012 Summer Olympics kick off?  The level of  training, both physical and mental,  that is required to endure the stress of world class competition is phenomenal.

The average individual probably doesn’t consider the level of stress that comes with such competition, or an athlete’s ability to cope while taking their performance to a higher level and maybe even setting new world records.  Is it as simple as mind over matter? The book, Promoting Mental Agility through Cognitive Control and Mental Representation, takes a look at these connections and provides a framework for understanding creative adaptive thinking and mental agility.

The book explains that the mind is not only responsible for cognition, but also deeply integrated with action, perception and emotion.  Mental agility therefore enables the physical agility required for optimal performance, and helps to allow our bodies to excel at a higher level of activity.  So when you are watching the Olympics this weekend take a moment to consider the level of mental excellence and strength that this competition showcases, not just the physical. The text is available on