Gaining the mental edge will unlock your potential and take your leadership skills to the next level.  Having the right state of mind to remain calm in stressful moments and make the right decision quickly, will set you apart from your colleagues.  Whether you are a CEO or an athlete, neurofeedback empowers your brain to a higher level of awareness, of yourself and others, as well as a new level of clarity. Biofeedback empowers you to use your physiological reactions to create a cool, calm, controlled response.

By teaching the neurological and physiological systems to self regulate you are in control of how you respond and manage the stressful events that occur in daily life.  Our clarity, decisiveness, and creativity is what sets us apart from everyone else.  We all have the ability to see things in a different perspective, but we aren’t all able to do that because the connection between our mind and body is not clear.  To be a leader you must master those skills and teach yourself how to self regulate into that powerful position.



Henri and Leigh with Dallas Cowboy’s linebacker Sean Lee in Las Colinas.

There isn’t a whole lot of physical difference between the best athletes. There is a big difference in their state of mind. For a competitive athlete that wants to place first and not third, it is all about putting your game face on. Being able to concentrate in the heat of the moment, being able to focus and get in the “zone” makes all the difference in whether you finish first or fifth.  When you can relax and breathe in confidence and breathe out tension, you are in control, biofeedback will teach you this.  When you are in control, you perform at the optimal level.

Every part of the body connects to the brain along the sensory motor strip. That is where sensory motor integration or speed, mental clarity or focus comes into play. If your brain waves are out of balance along this strip,  your response speed is going to be slower. If you have had a head injury you could have re-patterned some of the brain waves and be reaching your optimal level .

If you want to take your performance to first place, think about your state of mind.  Think about how the connection between your mind and body is working for you.  The brain must be sending clear, authoritative, commands to the body to push you to the next level.  If it is not, neurofeedback can help you get to the next level.