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The American Academy of Pediatrics has declared the best level of support (LV 1) for treatment  for  ADHD is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ,and the next best, (LV 2) is biofeedback.  To learn more click here:

At the Brain Performance Center we have developed a program that combines the two for the most effective alternative treatment, instead of medication.

If you have trouble paying attention, staying on task, poor short term memory, or act impulsively, then you may be experiencing the basic symptoms of ADD/ADHD.  The frontal lobes of the brain are responsible for performing these tasks.  The frontal lobe is the last part of the brain to develop, which does not occur until a person’s late twenties.  This is the part of the brain linked to ADD/ADHD, this is where we concentrate, finish what we start, and make good decisions.  This is the part of the brain that is involved in self regulation.

Self regulation is involved in your emotions, thinking, feelings, and is a function of interactions between the brain and the body. When there is an imbalance in the frontal lobes it is hard for the brain to perform the many tasks involved in our overall executive function.  There is evidence that supports the use of EEG biofeedback, neurofeedback, to successfully manage the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.  Neurofeedback has a high clinical efficacy rating (4 out of 5) as an effective treatment for ADD/ADHD with no known side effects.

There are test techniques used to diagnose ADHD, but none look at the underlying cause of the problem.  The only way to determine the root of the problem is to study how the brain functions and performs by doing a QEEG.  Each brain is different, and at The Brain Performance Center, we use the QEEG and a variety of testing modules designed to produce an individualized treatment program (not involving medication or supplements) that will enable each person to reach their full potential.

The most common treatment for ADD/ADHD is a stimulant medication which can produce side effects such as, agitation, flattened mood, loss of appetite, irritability, mood swings, confusion, headaches and upset stomach. The side effects can be more extreme as explained in this New York Times article.  Please click on this link:

When an experienced clinician does the neurofeedback training there are no reported side effects.   There is no proven way to prevent ADD/ADHD, medication will not prevent it.  Medication can be an expensive way to mask the problem.  The annual cost of ADHD medication on average, for each patient ranges from $1,572 to $17,458 according to a recent report from Drug Trend.  To read more about the increasing costs, click here:  In addition to the cost of medication there are doctor visits.  Treatment at the Brain Performance Center  represents a safer method that can improve your symptoms and provide  financial savings.

treatment for addIf you or a family member is experiencing trouble with frontal lobe functioning  please schedule a complementary consultation. If you are asking yourself, will this help me, read what Additude, a web site that offers different strategies and support for ADHD reports on neurofeedback as a treatment for ADHD

At the Brain Performance Center we use neurofeedback with both adults and children.  We see the results and how effective it is on a daily basis.  There are different ways that ADD/ADHD may manifest in your life. The symptoms range from inattentiveness, hyper activity, impulsiveness, and high distract ability.  Regardless, they all can impact your performance at school, on the job, and in your relationships with friends and family.

When you have to work three or four times harder than others to produce the same results it lowers your self confidence and self esteem as well as your motivation and drive to succeed. There is no reason to feel that you can not achieve what you want to. You can change the way your brain works and take your performance to the level you desire.  It can occur in a matter of weeks.

The Food Drug Administration announced July 15, 2013 that it has approved the first brain wave test to be used to help diagnosis children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the EEG, which is part of the assessment at the Brain Performance Center. Click here to read about it:

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