At the Brain Performance Center we are dedicated to improving all aspects of brain health with individualized, innovative and quality care.


Leigh Richardson, MS, LPC, NCC,  BCN,  BCB, BCIA  Associate Fellow, Clinical Director                                          

Leigh as spent her educational and professional career learning human behavior. Her focus shifted in 2002, to understanding the role the brain plays in human behavior, and how behavior can be modified with the use of neurofeedback and biofeedback.  Leigh holds a Master of Science in Counseling from the University of North Texas, and is working to integrate cognitive behavioral therapy into the treatment programs for many clients.

Leigh completed her didactic training for neurofeedback at the University of North Texas. She completed her internship with a nationally recognized neurologist and poineer in the field of neurotherapy, Dr. Jonathan Walker, M.D., who has studied, researched and taught for 35 years. In 2004, while working with Dr. Walker as a neurotherapist, Leigh received her BCIA, EEG certification. In April 2009, Leigh opened  The Brain Performance Center, adding the BCIA Biofeedback certification, and Wellness Coaching certification to the practice. The center added cognitive behavioral therapy in 2014.


neurofeedbackSally Cocjin, Board Certified Technician

Sally was drawn to the field through a personal neurofeedbackexperience and joined the team in 2009.  She has utilized her years of  experience,  the formal  BCIA,  LENS training, Neurofield training and her vast knowledge of brain injury  to  guide her work as a neurofeedback technician.